Focusing on Social Justice During Grade 8 Integration Week

Greenwood’s Grade 8 students participated in our annual Integration Week from December 7-11. The theme of this year’s Integration Week was social justice. Teachers challenged students to consider three different lenses while completing their work: empathy, equity and perspective

Through these lenses, elements of the English and Canadian Social Studies curricula were directly integrated. Students examined various events involving Indigenous communities across Canada by studying both historical and present events such as fishing rights, pipeline protests, land protection, water protection and fracking. Students identified reputable research sources, outlined the “5 Ws” of their events and indicated the historical significance of those same events. They also applied their thoughts around empathy, equity and perspective and discussed how each student could take social action to become more involved in these important issues. Students recorded a virtual presentation to show to their class at the end of the week.

The conversations, although complex and multidimensional, were productive and respectful for all who participated. These conversations tested students' debate, active listening and critical thinking skills. Teachers were impressed by the level of maturity shown by students when discussing such important social issues. The interactions between students during Integration Week demonstrated care for others, openness to ideas and an ability to hear the viewpoints of peers in the Grade 8 community at Greenwood.  

There was productive teamwork along with thought-provoking question and answer sessions and engaging discourse. Students truly demonstrated that they were able to work in a thoughtful, collaborative way through challenging content. 

Congratulations to everyone involved for a successful Integration Week!
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