Environmental Committee Initiatives

Written by Stanca Radulescu ‘21
Greenwood’s Environmental Committee prides itself on the efforts they make to be environmentally conscious, bringing several new initiatives and keeping long-standing ones around year after year. This year, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the Environmental Committee is keeping the school engaged in environmental initiatives while following new health and safety protocols.

An example of these endeavours is Walk to School Days, where students can walk to and home from school to collect House Points. Walk to School Days are especially useful this year as they are integrated directly into Greenwood’s participation in Movember.

The Environmental Committee is also continuing the Greenest at Greenwood competition, which encourages students to be more aware of their environmental footprints. Other returning initiatives include Meatless Monday and Thirsty Thursday, where students and staff are encouraged to bring in reusable water bottles.

Halloween was especially creative this year with a ‘Greenest Costume’ award. Many students and staff dressed up using sustainable materials, thrifted clothing and DIY costumes which was a great way to reduce waste and save money.

Sustainability is becoming a large focus right now with the holiday season right around the corner. Environmental committee member Bayla Appleby ‘23 suggested she write a newspaper article about sustainable swaps which would include planet- and waste-conscious gift wrapping ideas or an article on holiday gift substitutes that are better for the planet. 

The Environmental Committee is working hard to continue its improvements with Greenwood’s environment because the waste we create now is the waste we live with forever!

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