Scenes from a Quarantine

Written by Sasha Carter '23
Every year at Greenwood there is a junior musical and a senior play, but this year is different; it’s the first year the plays have gone virtual. Six Grade 10 students, under the wonderful direction of Ms. Vlahos, have scrambled to their feet to put together a virtual play that we never thought could be so relatable. 

The Grade 10 play Scenes from a Quarantine is written by Lindsay Price, a playwright with over 25 years of experience. Scenes from a Quarantine connects to events that we can all relate to in these unprecedented times of difficulty and strife. The play encompasses the COVID-19 pandemic and also incorporates many historical references such as the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and Romeo and Juliet. In this play, we even have a ‘talking Coronavirus’. 

The majority of rehearsals have been taking place online, with the exception of some in-person rehearsals earlier in the school year. These online rehearsals are often challenging since we cannot physically practice scenes as you would on stage. When you’re on a stage with a live audience and cast members, there is a special energy that can’t be fully replicated when online. Because of this, acting and body language is something cast members have been diligently working on. 

I am so thankful for Ms. Vlahos who is our wonderful play director, Ms. Edkins who is behind the scenes working on costumes, Daniel Pike ‘22 who is our stage manager, and the rest of the dedicated cast and crew. 

This play will have two showings online: Thursday, February 18, and Friday, February 19 at 7:30 p.m. The Grade 10 play will take place after the Grade 9 play, Battle in the Band

I look forward to performing and hope you enjoy the show! 
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