Understanding and Managing Screen Time

It’s not our job as parents to put away the phones. It’s our job as parents to take out the phones and teach our kids how to use them.” - Pine River Institute

Greenwood parents had the opportunity to attend a webinar held by Pine River Institute on how to understand and manage screen time as well as teach kids to be safe and responsible online. 

In this session, parents learned about tools and strategies they can use to teach their children how to balance a healthy relationship with their smartphones. They walked through a variety of popular apps teens are using and discussed some of the negative effects these apps can have. They also talked about how staring at screens can affect sleep and lead to mental health issues.

Some tips for parents to help their child build a healthy relationship with smart devices are:
  • Communicating clear limits and consequences to your child about their online usage
  • Research apps to understand what your child is using
  • No screens one hour before bed and refrain from keeping any devices in the bedroom
  • Promote other activities like reading, yoga, journaling or drawing 
Learning how to create conversations and set boundaries to help teens balance screen time is important. If you were unable to attend this workshop and would like to learn more, click here to view the presentation.
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