Walk Thoughts

I am back from a quick lunchtime walk; just finishing Leaside Loop with extension 1. Have you named your walks yet? Having walked the same routes for almost a year now, they all have names, estimated times and a variety of extensions and modifications. It is fitting that I am writing this on Groundhog Day, because this past year has certainly had aspects that remind us of the movie Groundhog Day starring Bill Murray in which he is trapped in a day that repeats itself. However, I appreciate the opportunities to chat with members of my household and to take in the changes of season and changes in the neighbourhood on these walks.

When I walked by a house under construction today, I thought about their work and how satisfying it must be to build a home. To start with nothing and, when your work is done, to have built a house -- such concrete and tangible results. It must be very demanding work, mind you, and like most things done outdoors during Canadian winter, the builders’ tasks are made much more challenging and unpleasant by the cold temperatures. 

This type of work is evident in our day-to-day lives, but there are so many jobs that exist that we know little about. On February 2, students in Grades 9-12 participated in our annual Careers Morning, and what a great group of alumni and parents joined us. In 20 separate sessions, the group shared their stories about how they ended up in their careers and some highlights about the work that they do. These careers speakers kindly spent their time with our students to give insight into some of the countless options out there, and I know students enjoyed the chance to explore different career paths.

I hope that learning about the variety of jobs that are possible sparked excitement for the future and the possibilities that lie ahead. This enthusiasm is helpful to all of us; staying hopeful for our students and reminding them of all the things we have to look forward to can help to get them through the day-to-day challenges of the pandemic. Perhaps you’ll have a chance to speak with your child about the career sessions that they attended as you help them to look optimistically into their future.

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