Watch Our First Virtual Play Productions This Week!

In anticipation of this week’s first virtual play productions, Greenwood’s Arts Committee hosted an Arts Everywhere! event where students reminisced and watched video snippets of plays hosted in the Greenwood theatre throughout the past years. 

Gabriel Browning Rodriguez ‘21 hosted the Arts Everywhere! event and had a compilation of videos put together of some of the committee's favourite scenes from past junior musicals and senior plays. They watched clips from a variety of shows including The Lion King Jr. production from 2016, which was the first show in Greenwood’s new theatre. They also watched scenes from last year’s senior play, Comic Potential.

Although the current circumstances don’t allow for in-person productions, we are excited to host our first virtual productions this week! 

Our Grade 9 and 10 shows can be streamed live on February 18 and 19. The evening will begin with the Grade 9 play at 7:30 p.m. followed by the Grade 10 play after a brief intermission. Audiences are encouraged to log in at the beginning and stay for both performances. Run-time of both shows together is approximately 1 hour. 
Grade 9 Production: Battle in the Band by Emily Borden
Tired of pandemic restrictions and missing life as it once was, several high school students set their sights on a province-wide virtual Battle of the Bands competition. The problem is, they need to form a band! Join this group of teenagers as they navigate social hierarchies, prize money dilemmas, and personality conflicts, all while meeting online. Will they make it to the virtual stage? Tune in to find out!
Grade 10 Production: Scenes from a Quarantine by Lindsay Price
Did you know COVID-19 likes to be known as Co? And what if Romeo and Juliet missed their marriage by one day because of a stay-at-home order? Would they still make it? You know all the people in Scenes From a Quarantine. The person who thinks quarantine is going to be easy. The person whose life changed overnight. The person who thinks hairdressers are an essential service. The person who just wants to use class meetings to talk. This vignette style play explores quarantine from many different angles: some familiar, some fantastical. Pull up a couch and enjoy!
Join us:
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