What better way for our Grade 7s and 8s to connect with each other than to participate in a day long Connectival event! ALIVE Outdoors brought a day of smiles, fun and challenges to our 7s and 8s through their Connectival program on Tuesday, February 9.

The day started off with our students dispersing into ten different teams which also included a Grade 12 student leader and an ALIVE Outdoors instructor. After watching the opening ceremonies, our students got ready to participate in hundreds of fun missions.

From reciting the alphabet backwards to dancing with their teammates or solving riddles, students were tasked with completing as many missions as they could throughout the day. Using the Goose Chase app, they sent in a video, photo or text proving their completion of their missions so they could earn points. 

It was a fun day full of laughs, venturing further and connecting with one another. Students were able to interact with each other outside of their cohort groups and classes and performed tasks that encouraged them to step out of their comfort zone. 

Be sure to check out our Instagram highlight ‘Connectival’ to see videos and photos of their completed missions. A big thank you to Greenwood staff and ALIVE Outdoors for making this day fun and exciting for our students!
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