Black History Month Initiatives

Greenwood’s Diversity Committee has put together a number of initiatives in honour of Black History Month. 

Every morning for the month of February, our morning announcements will highlight an influential Black individual or group. The students making each announcement will summarize each individual or group's lasting impact.⁠

During the week of February 1-5, our Diversity Committee highlighted Malcom X, Viola Desmond, Marsha P Johnson and the Black Lives Matter Movement. Committee members shared information about each influential person and group through videos and presentations on the announcements.

Through the week of February 8-12, the Student Council highlighted several leaders and change makers including Kamala Harris, Harriet Tubman, Barack Obama and Martin Luther King Jr. This week, students will hear from the Athletics Committee who will talk about significant professional athletes who are also activists. Some of these prominent athletes include Angela James, Ashley Lawrence, Andrew Wiggins and Andre de Grasse.

On Friday, February 19, students will engage in workshops focused on identity and representation. Students in Grade 7-8 will be introduced to an inspiring teen activist, Marley Dias. They will explore her initiative #1000BlackGirlBooks and the 2020 release of Bookmarks on Netflix.
Students in Grades 9-12 will engage in a deep dive of Black Canadian History by viewing Desmond Cole’s documentary The Skin We’re In. This documentary was filmed in conjunction with Cole’s research, journalism and activism throughout the creation of his highly acclaimed best selling book, The Skin We're In: A Year of Black Resistance and Power.
The Black History Month resource guide now features additional novels, movies and businesses! All students should aim to engage with these materials and share their learning with families and friends. Participants can win an opportunity to support A Different Booklist, a local Black-owned business. Submit evidence of your learning experience through this Google Form. This form can also be found within the DEI tile on the ON Page.
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