Shaping Our Collective Story

I would expect nothing less these days than having the worst weather we have had all winter on the day that we return to the building. Perhaps, like me, you have come to expect bad news. But nothing would stop the determined and hearty staff and students from their return to the building yesterday. I was delighted that everyone took the weather in stride and that we have enjoyed a safe return to the building. 

The other predictable pattern I have observed is that government announcements pertaining to schools and requiring resolution seem to always coincide with a scheduled day off. I was fortunate to be able to meet with other independent school heads to discuss the complexities of this particular decision. I can only thank you again for your understanding and patience with this latest announcement regarding postponing March Break; I appreciate that this has impacted many of you. 

As a treat for Greenwood staff as they work to provide the best experience we can under our current circumstances, I ordered some handmade chocolates from Mary’s Brigadeiro (they are phenomenal!). Led by a Black woman, Mary’s Brigadeiro was founded in late 2014 after Mary Oliviera immigrated from Brazil to Canada. The importance of supporting Black-owned businesses here in Toronto is one of the topics that has been discussed at school during Black History Month. 

My desire to support Black-owned businesses, and to celebrate Black Canadians and their contributions, has never been greater. Our students have been engaged in Black History Month and are taking advantage of these learning opportunities as they continue to better understand our role as a school and community into shaping our collective story. 

Other stories that are taking shape this month are the Grade 9 and 10 plays. Thanks to technology, our actors will be live on the virtual stage from their own homes. Be sure to enjoy these performances from the comfort of your home and to be amazed by the resilience and creativity of our students as they, alongside their dedicated teachers, adapt and reinvent the idea of the school play.

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