Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week

Written by Emilia Melardi ‘24
Many people are unaware of aromanticism. Because of this, it’s important to remember Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week. The week of February 21 to 27 acknowledges the existence of and supports people who identify under this label. People that are asexual fall under a spectrum; it’s important to understand it isn’t the same for everyone.
Some Aros might also be asexual; however, there are also a lot of allosexual (which means not asexual) aromantics. In a world filled with amatonormativity, it’s difficult to understand yourself if you fall under this label. However, here is a brief description:
Aromantic people don’t experience romantic attraction to people; asexual people don’t experience sexual attraction. Aromantic doesn’t mean they can’t think about certain romantic things, but genuinely they would never want to pursue romance. As opposed to a crush, there is a new term: “a squish.” This is essentially the same as a crush; however, when you have a squish on someone it is in a platonic way where you want to be friends. 
Even though the week is over, we still need to support people in this community and understand they are still LGBTQ+. You can continue to support aromantics by educating people as well, to bring light to this not-very-well-known identity.

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