Expressing Gratitude and Saying Farewell

I begin this week’s message with a long overdue “thank you” to the employees who look after Greenwood’s facilities and food services. The people that walk through our doors every day to ensure that our building is clean and well maintained and that food is available play a key role in the student experience. With cleaning protocols ramped up due to COVID-19, our cleaning staff have been working harder than ever behind the scenes and late into the evening. I know that you join me in expressing gratitude for this group of people led by Kelly Giannoccaro our VP, Finance and Operations and our Facilities Manager, Ricardo Teixeira.
No matter what line of work you are in, I believe that showing up each and every day prepared to do your best makes all the difference. Over time, that cumulative day-to-day effort makes a huge impact. Speaking of which, the next segment of my message today honours someone whose cumulative contributions to Greenwood students has had, and will continue to have, a lasting impact. 

Farewell to David Moritsugu

After 18 years at the school, including stints as an Adviser, guidance counsellor, fundraiser and, principally, as a teacher, hockey coach and senior member of the admissions team, David (a.k.a. “Mr. M, Mr. MoritZUgu, Morty, Sugu, Sugs and Coach”) has decided to hang up his skates and put away his red pen, to travel, cycle, play more golf, tennis and hockey, walk the dog, sing, read many books and see many movies. Mr. Moritsugu’s last day at the school will be March 5, 2021. The staff will celebrate David’s career at the school in June – hopefully in person!
While his departure has been planned for some time, it is no less difficult to say goodbye to a staff member who has made such significant contributions to Greenwood over the course of many years. We will miss David at Greenwood and wish him all the very best. If you wish to reach out to David after March 5, you may do so by email c/o Jamie Lougheed for forwarding to David or by mail c/o of the school.
We are putting together a special tribute book for David, and we invite parents, students and staff to submit their well-wishes for inclusion in the book. If you'd like to submit a message, you can do so via the form linked below.

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