Career Peers

Written by Pippa Bridges '22 and Charlie Batori '22
Pippa Bridges ‘22 and Charlie Batori ‘22 recently founded a club at Greenwood called Career Peers.

Pippa and Charlie have a joint interest in postsecondary education and all of the career fields life has to offer. As they are approaching Grade 12 next year, they have begun gearing up for postsecondary applications. Already, they have experienced the stress and anxiety that comes with the process of figuring out what they want to study. This led them to develop Career Peers.

Career Peers is a student resource that offers a deeper insight into the numerous careers and professions that exist in today's workforce. The purpose of Career Peers is to help inspire, educate, and provoke thinking among students about the potential career paths they can take after postsecondary. 

As the leaders of this club, they feel that Greenwood has done an amazing job with Careers Morning and Careers courses. However, they also believe it’s important to include an initiative that is run solely by students to help facilitate more interest in professional futures.

Pippa and Charlie recently came to the realization that Career Peers could be more successful by becoming an accessible resource. There is now a tile in ON where students can find all of the resources Careers Peers has to offer.

In this tile, students will find recorded interviews with different professionals in various fields. Pippa and Charlie have created a Google Form where students can submit questions a week prior to the selected guest speaker they are interviewing. Students are free to ask any questions they may have about the highlighted career or even specific questions about the speaker’s professional life. The students interviewing the guest will ask the questions that are submitted as well as a variety of other questions that bring light to the educational path they took that led them to their career.

Pippa and Charlie look forward to sharing their first guest speaker soon, so be sure to check the Careers Peers tile in ON weekly.
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