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Greenwood students commemorated women’s activism and achievements during this year’s Women’s Week. On March 7, the International Women’s Day organization posed the question, “what do you choose to challenge?” The Greenwood community answered the call with personal pledges for change. Many students committed to challenging stereotypes, inequities in school, sports and the workforce. 

On Monday, March 29, students listened to inspirational athlete and Toronto activist Fitriya Mohamed. Fitriya shared how her life was shaped by basketball after emigrating to Canada from Ethiopia. Students were inspired by Fitiyra’s journey towards increasing represention of Muslim women in sports. Students also explored the recently revealed disparity between the male and female NCAA March Madness equipment rooms. This recent news example, paired with Fitriya’s commitment to representation, led to powerful discussions about disparities in sports. The Athletics Committee consolidated this message with an engaging game of Kahoot! at lunch, to celebrate women’s achievements in sports. 

Fitriya’s presentation also set the stage for a week of discussion surrounding the intersectionality of identity. Fitriya, a Black, Muslim woman, demsontrated how choosing to challenge the norms in sports can lead to change. The Diversity Committee continued this message through daily announcements and information sessions about BIPOC and LGBTQ+ women. The Jewish Culture Club  led an informative Kahoot! on Thursday, paired with information about Passover, to spread awareness about the achievements of Jewish women. The Arts Committee led a session inspired by Annie Leibovitz, with a focus on taking portraits of important women in our lives. 

While exploring the intersection of identities, students explored the connection between gender-based violence and race. On Tuesday, students discussed how intersectional identities devastatingly connect with the prevalence of violence against Black Trans Women. On Thursday, students considered the recent Georgia attack on 8 individuals, 6 of whom were women of Asian ancestry. As a school community, these moments for reflection and conversation led to developing our awareness of combating ignorance.

The #choosetochallenge theme reminded us all of the importance of daily consideration to challenging bias, inequity and exclusion. Although Women’s Week 2021 has concluded, we hope the Greenwood community will continue to commit to advocating for social justice for all.
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