Heads of Student Leadership Election

Greenwood students and staff are getting ready to elect next year's Heads of Student Leadership. Greenwood's Headship position is the highest leadership position a graduating student can obtain. A new change to this year’s election is that the votes for two candidates will be based on merit and there will be no gendered ballot.
Formerly, these positions were known as Head Boy and Head Girl. Last year, Greenwood changed these titles to Heads of Student leadership. While it was a step in the right direction, students and staff still voted for one female and one male as the elected Heads. This year, it will no longer be a gendered ballot. Students and staff will vote for the candidate that they believe is best suited to represent the student body. This change has been made to ensure our democratic process is an inclusive one.
The role of Heads of Student Leadership is critical for positively impacting Greenwood's culture, representing the student body and amplifying student voice. 
Staff and students will have many virtual opportunities to meet our candidates so that come election day, they can make what they feel is the best informed decision for themselves and our school.
Starting Monday, March 29 until Election Day, students and staff can join a virtual Lodge meet and greet each morning to get to know the candidates. They can ask them questions, listen to the discussions or just pop by to say hello. 
Students are also expected to join their Adviser groups so they can meet with candidates in a Q&A style session that is moderated by this year’s Heads, Liv Arbess ‘21 and Stewie Bain ‘21. 
Starting Tuesday, April 6, candidates will join the morning announcements broadcast to answer the question, "How would Greenwood be different if you were elected?"

These next two weeks are an exciting time for our community as we begin to hope and plan for the future!
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