Get to Know More Greenwood Teachers

The Greenwood community values and appreciates the hard work and dedication of all of our teachers. We admire how great they are as educators, so we thought it would be fun to ask some of them personal questions to get to know them better.
  1. What is your favourite memory at Greenwood?
  2. When have you ‘ventured further’?
  3. What do you enjoy doing in the summer?
Read below to hear their answers!

Ryan Vachon
What is your favourite memory at Greenwood?
My most memorable moment at Greenwood was coaching my first championship team. In 2020, our U14 D1 Boys’ Basketball team won a banner in front of a home crowd on a Saturday afternoon. In addition to feeling pride for our deserving players, I remember being equally proud of Greenwood's community - of the classmates, parents/guardians, teachers, administrators, athletic personnel, and my co-coach whose presences made the moment all the more meaningful.

When have you ‘ventured further’?
Having never considered myself an 'outdoors person', I was secretly very nervous before my first few OE experiences. Nowadays, I look forward to every OE trip!

What do you enjoy doing in the summer?
I spend my summers resting, learning, building a full recharge, and travelling. 

Matthew West
What is your favourite memory at Greenwood?
My most memorable Greenwood moment was when I joined the Grade 9s for Winter Outdoor Education. The entire grade went skiing and it just happened to be my first experience on the slopes. It was fun to flip the script and have the students teach me and coach me through it. The Grade 9s were great teachers and they only laughed at me once or twice. 
When have you ‘ventured further’?
I taught in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam from 2015-2018. It was such an amazing experience. In my first year there, a few Grade 8 students came to me with an idea. They wanted to create a Baking Club, where the proceeds went to a local branch of an NGO. The students ran a 'Coffee Friday' program where they sold baked goods and coffee to teachers at the school. They managed to raise over $500 in one school year!
What do you enjoy doing in the summer?
I usually fill my summers with as much family time as possible. I also spend time outside and at the cottages of family and friends. I make it a goal each summer to go to as many concerts as possible, as I have a huge appreciation for live music. 
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