Greenwood House Mural

Ms. Porter tasked the 2020-2021 Arts Execs with coming up with a community mural project to which everyone at Greenwood could contribute. 
Teddy Vescio ‘21 came up with the idea to have a minecraft-inspired, Post-it Note concept that would combine the eight House colours and our love for Outdoor Education. 
It took approximately 4 hours to scale and draw out the grid for the mural. Teddy, India Morgan ‘21, Annika Christen ‘21 and Gabe Browning Rodriguez ‘21 all helped with the grid process. 
Over the course of two weeks, students and staff picked up their House-coloured Post-it Notes from the Guidance Office. During breaks they would take these coloured notes and place them in the appropriate spots to help reveal the picture.
The mural showcases the Greenwood tree on a rock that overlooks a lake with the sun setting over a city skyline. 

What a beautiful tribute to Greenwood!
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