Backstage Experience of a Greenwood Production

Written by Charlotte Hounsome ‘25
As we all know, this past year has been quite a roller coaster. When Ms. Webster approached me about working as a crew member for the Grade 8 play, Box, I was really glad we were still able to continue an activity outside of the classroom. 

I’m not used to being backstage, but this year I had the privilege of helping out behind the scenes. I have now experienced firsthand the work that goes into making these plays a reality. Everybody has a job that contributes immensely to the function of the play. I have learned that even the tiny little details matter and can even change the course of a production. Sometimes sacrifices have to be made in order to have everything run smoothly. 

I’m so happy that as a school we were still able to continue to do something I consider very vital to your experience in school. With COVID-19, I think a lot of us have been going through the motions of waking up, going to school, getting work done and staying home. The play is such an excellent way to break the repetitive cycle. Seeing everybody connect and come together to work on this project was a breath of fresh air. 

I believe that this year we were able to push past the limits of “the box” that COVID has set up for us. This proves how truly amazing and strong the Greenwood community is. I hope, in the future, I can continue to work and be a part of Greenwood's productions and that we can continue to lead with the creative spirit of Greenwood!
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