Beating Personal Records

Students from Mr. Clark's Grade 10 and 11 Personal Fitness class completed a 5km race after a month of dedicated training on Friday, May 28. 
With COVID-19 restrictions making group workouts and indoor training more difficult, the entire class embarked on a challenge to improve their cardiovascular endurance and, more importantly, spend more time outside.
Over a period of four weeks, the class learned about the principles of effective training for the 5km distance. They completed five workouts each week with a minimum of three runs, in addition to two cross-training sessions or further recovery run opportunities. The students incorporated speed, endurance and recovery runs into their routines and tracked their progress for the entire four weeks. 
Students also learned about the importance of sleep and nutrition in supporting their physical training. They developed the ability to track their workouts effectively using a variety of apps and more traditional methods.
After four weeks of tracking, training, and generally good weather, race day arrived with heavy rain, cold temperatures, and even snow in the forecast. As a way to enjoy a communal experience, even if separated, the class's plan was to run the 5km race at the same time. With freezing rain coming down as class began, the students had a decision to make. With the option to delay the run until the weather improved, the majority of the group decided to persevere and run 'together'. 
Many students exceeded their individual targets and achieved new personal records even in inclement weather. They shared some selfies, post-run, to celebrate their efforts.
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