Moving Forward

For people across the country and around the world, COVID-19 has brought about a perspective shift. It has forced us to examine what is most important to us and how we want our lives to look moving forward.

As a result, many people have been called to new adventures or new chapters, including some Greenwood staff members. This year, we say goodbye to five teachers who have been members of the Greenwood community for many years: Martha Hall, Alex Hurley, Evan Morrison, Julie Way and Ben Wright. I would like to take the time to honour these five exemplary educators and their contributions to our school.

Martha Hall has worn many hats, teaching health and physical education, math (Subject Team Leader), science, and learning strategies over her time at Greenwood. She has also guided many students as their Adviser, coached numerous teams and embraced the wilderness on countless Outdoor Education trips. She is also one of Churchill House’s loudest staff cheerleaders and reliably puts together outstanding costumes on theme days.

Alex Hurley, in addition to teaching History and Social Studies, is known to many families through his role as Greenwood’s Director, Outdoor Education. Alex has been instrumental in growing our OE program and ensuring that the many moving parts of our trips run smoothly. Alex has accompanied many trips to Washington, coached basketball, acted as an Adviser and overseen many spirited reenactments of the Battle of the Plains of Abraham.

Evan Morrison has taught both music and science during his time at Greenwood; he has also acted as an Adviser. He has been a fixture at Greenwood Mics, OE campfires and events like Celebration Day, both through his guidance of our student musicians in Jazz Band and Choir and his prowess with a number of instruments. He has also played a key role as Music Director for many Junior and Senior productions.

Julie Way has been a staple of the Science department over her many years at the school. She has worked with students at a variety of ages and stages, from Grade 9 electricity projects to complex Chemistry labs for senior students. She has also been instrumental in piloting new technology for the Science department. In addition, she has acted as an Adviser, paddled her way through many OE trips and coached a variety of teams.

Ben Wright has taught music at Greenwood in many forms, from guitar to vocals to concert band. He is a familiar figure at all events involving music, working with bands, choirs and small groups of students to arrange and perform a huge variety of songs. He has also acted as an Adviser and worked with students on a yearly basis to prepare for, and perform at, the CIS Music Festival, which he has also conducted. His live performances with both students and staff were always a highlight.

These five exemplary educators have inspired a passion for their subjects in their students and made tremendous contributions to our community over their time here. They will be dearly missed, but I wish them all the best as they embrace the changes they have been inspired to make. 

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