Heads of Student Leadership and Grade Representative Results

Greenwood’s Heads of Student Leadership and Grade Representatives for 2021-2022 have officially been selected! 

The Student Council is a committee made up of student representatives from each grade and is run by the Heads of Student Leadership. Together, they plan events and bring forth ideas and concerns from the student body. 

After participating in election campaigns and delivering speeches, our Grade Reps and Heads of Student Leadership were chosen. We applaud all of the students who stepped out of their comfort zones to run for these positions and would like to congratulate those who will be taking on these roles next year!

Below is a full list of our new Student Council Committee and our Heads of Student Leadership:

Grade 8 Representatives: Coco Aylward and Kai Cluett
Grade 9 Representatives: Kylie Armstrong and Alexander Viola
Grade 10 Representatives: Izzy McEvily and Evan Edgell
Grade 11 Representatives: Ellie Deegan and Jonah Blicker
Grade 12 Heads of Student Leadership: Kristina Désormeaux and Charlie Baillie

Our Grade 7 Reps and our Grad Affairs Reps will be chosen in the fall.
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