Welcome Back, Grizzlies!

Kate Raven, Communications Manager
We were thrilled to welcome our students and staff, both new and returning, to the building earlier this month. It means so much to have our community all together after a school year where we were apart much more often than we would have liked.

September 9 and 10 made up Registration Week for all of our students. After they were welcomed by Principal Sarah Bruce and our Heads of Student Leadership, they had the opportunity to meet with their Advisers. They took tours of the school to familiarize or re-familiarize themselves with the building and to meet some of the many staff members who will be there to support them this year.

Community building was a major focus of the first several days of school. It was important to us to ease students back to being in the school and being with each other. Community-building and social opportunities were built into each student’s schedule to help them connect and re-connect with their peers.

We are looking forward to a wonderful year!
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