Greenwood Team Places Second at Hack Attack

Kate Ravens, Communications Manager
Hack Attack, which took place on Saturday, October 30, was a virtual hackathon event for high school students in Ontario taking Grade 11 and 12 Business courses. Thirty-one teams from across the province, including five Greenwood teams, competed in this case competition. 

Each team was given the same business issue involving PepsiCo, one of the lead sponsors for the event. After hearing about the issue, each team had four hours to tackle the problem before presenting their solution to a panel of professors and businesspeople. Ellie, Ruby, Angelica and Genevieve impressed with their presentation, securing second spot and taking home $750 cash, PepsiCo prize packs and an opportunity to take a class at MAccFin, the Master of Accounting and Finance program at the University of Toronto’s Scarborough campus.

Here’s what two of the team members have to say about their Hack Attack experience:

“My favourite thing about the hackathon was working with a great team where we could all use our different skills and come together with a presentation as a whole.” - Ellie Deegan

“My favorite thing about participating in the hackathon and that experience as a whole was the creative opportunities it provided. Each of us got to come up with real-life ideas and solutions to very real problems. We found creative solutions while working on a scenario that could very well be taking place, and having to take into account different variables pushed me to personally think outside the box.”

Congratulations to Ellie, Ruby, Angelica and Genevieve, and to all the teams who competed at Hack Attack!
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