Lights, Camera, Action: Greenwood Junior Play Rehearsals Underway!

Tihmily Li, Communications Officer
Drama productions are back at Greenwood! Recently, Grade 7 and 8 students began rehearsing for the first drama production this year. The students will be performing School Daze, written by Lindsay Price.  The play is a series of short scenes about what it is like to be in middle school.  Rehearsals certainly look different nowadays with some students attending virtually but regardless, there was laughter and excitement from each student as they rehearsed.

Introducing the Junior Play's cast:
Tessa: Lacy, Big Kid 3, Cara, Short 2
Elle: Mom, Bully, Crush 1
Carter: Dad, Amee (Sam), Short 1
Chloe: Big Kid 1, Fear Girl, Girl 3
Sam J.: Big Kid 2, Announcement Girl, Tammy, Edwin, Invisible
Olivia: Big Kid 4, Forward Girl, MacGreggor
Sadie: Jimmy, Positive Boy, Defensive
Annabelle: Mary Jean, Negative Girl
Giorgia: Positive Girl, Pat, Crush 2
Tea: Fear Boy, Locker 2, Girl 2
Sam C.: Backward Boy, Locker 1, Baranova
Elora: Forward Boy, MacDougal, Girl 1, Frustrated
Charlotte: Backward Girl, Marty
Ethan: Negative Boy, Locker 3, Johnson
Kate: Locker 4, Girl 4, Home Ec 1
Luke: Stewart-Rosen, Home Ec 2
Kaydin: Snobby Friend, Sam

The students will be performing in the building while the audience will be able to watch from home. Stay tuned for updates on how to watch the performance. 
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