Fall Athletics Awards

Tihmily Li, Communications Officer
What a glorious return to in-person athletics for our Greenwood Grizzlies. With 15 teams and nearly 300 student athletes participating, this was our biggest fall term yet! Judging by those numbers, it is plain to see that Greenwood students were excited to be back.

“I felt so happy and relieved to be starting athletics again. The lockdown without sports felt so long, and for students to get back into their regular physical activities is so exciting!” says Madi Reid, one of the Athletics Committee student execs. “Last year we were able to do some intramurals, but it just didn’t feel the same with so many rules in place. Seeing everyone supporting one another in playing sports again is so amazing! I encourage everyone to be a part of the Athletics here at Greenwood, as we all are so excited to have an awesome year getting back into a sense of normalcy in school athletics.”

At the end of the season, each team recognizes two athletes: one for the Team MVP Award and the other for the Coach’s Award. A big congratulations to the award winners this fall season. 

Here are the students who were awarded the Team MVP Award:
U14 Girls’ Basketball - Devyn Lang
Jr. Girls’ Basketball - Ainsley Parker
Sr. Girls’ Basketball - Cate Scott
U15 Girls’ Soccer - Kylie Armstrong
Sr. Girls’ Soccer - Emma Parker
U14 Boys’ Volleyball - Leland Galloway
Jr. Boys’ Volleyball (Grade 9) - Nate Warrillow
Jr. Boys’ Volleyball (Grade 10) - James Petrucci
Sr. Boys’ Volleyball - Adam Willock
U14 Boys’ Soccer - Hugo Caldwell
Jr. Boys’ Soccer - Torin Lang
Sr. Boys’ Soccer - Matthew Purdy
U14 Cross Country - Liam Myers
Sr. Cross Country - Frankie Kerr

Here are the students who were awarded the Coach’s Award:
U14 Girls’ Basketball - Coco Aylward
Jr. Girls’ Basketball - Lauren Masterson
Sr. Girls’ Basketball - Leila Shapiro
U15 Girls' Soccer - Autumn Schelter
Sr. Girls' Soccer - Sabine Moysey
U14 Boys' Volleyball - Jonah Ingram
Jr. Boys' Volleyball (Grade 9) - James Fisher Holy
Jr. Boys' Volleyball (Grade 10) Cassius Galloway
Sr. Boys' Volleyball - Luke Barrack
U14 Boys' Soccer - Kiriakos Diakoloukas
Jr. Boys' Soccer - Benji Baylin
Sr. Boys' Soccer - Michael Clarke
U14 Cross Country - Stella Seed
Sr. Cross Country - Charlie Baillie

Let’s keep the Grizzlies roaring into the winter term!
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