Remembering the Holocaust and Our Veterans

Tihmily Li, Communications Officer
November is Legacy of Identities Month at Greenwood. In this month, we look back to think about the legacy we carry forward from the past and how those identities can help shape a better future.

On November 8, we welcomed Jenn Green who shared the story of her grandfather and Holocaust survivor, Nate Leipciger. Nate’s story is one of many that Carrying Testimony provides as school programming for Holocaust education and remembrance. Jenn spoke about her grandfather’s upbringing in Poland and his experiences during the Holocaust while showing historical images during her virtual presentation. Nate was deported to Auschwitz- Birkenau in July of 1943 and was transferred to many concentration camps. He and his father were liberated on May 2, 1945 by American forces and then they immigrated to Canada in 1948. Students also got to hear Nate Leipciger speak in a video interview that Jenn showed during her presentation. By providing a personal retelling of a survivor’s story, this Holocaust Education presentation was an impactful one for students.
On November 11, the Greenwood community observed Remembrance Day with a special virtual assembly. This assembly included musical performances and a special presentation by Greenwood alumnus, Jack Shier ‘13. After the playing of the National Anthem by the Greenwood Band, our Heads of Student Leadership, Kristina Désormeaux ‘22 and Charlie Baillie ‘22 provided the opening address about the importance of Remembrance Day. Then, students got to hear the Greenwood choir perform a beautiful rendition of “A Call for Peace” by Jerry Estes with lyrics sung in both Latin and English. Following the performance, Ms. Bruce provided her address where she reflected upon the poppy’s history as a symbol of remembrance and stressed our responsibility to strive for a better future. Greenwood alumnus Jack Shier ‘13 joined the ceremony via live video call where he spoke about his service as a medic in the Canadian Armed Forces and why Remembrance Day is important to him. He encouraged students and staff to visit the Canadian Virtual War Memorial to read about some of the brave souls who gave their lives in service of this country. Finally, Kevin Xu ‘24 performed "The Last Post and Rouse" and Kristina Désormeaux read “In Flanders Fields” to end our Remembrance Day ceremony.
Through our various programming surrounding Legacy of Identities Month, Greenwood students learned to consider how their actions today can help avoid future strife to prevent the past from repeating.
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