Greenwood Releases Strategic Plan for 2021-2026

Greenwood’s story began when our four founders - Richard Wernham, Julia West, David Latimer and the late John Latimer - imagined a school that was different. Rather than asking students to follow a narrow, traditional course of education, this new school would help students to grow both as learners and as people, to find energy in both success and challenge, and to choose the paths that would bring them fulfillment.

Twenty years later, Greenwood has accomplished more than we thought possible in 2002. We are on the forefront of education, incorporating the latest research and technology into the classroom. We provide unparalleled support to students through our Adviser program and purposeful relationship building. We are a place where students are challenged and inspired, and where they can find and pursue their passions.

Now, it’s time to write the next chapter in the school’s story. 
Venture Further Together, our strategic plan for 2021-2026, will help us do just that. Developed with input from all members of our community, it is authentic to the school we set out to be, reflects all we have achieved since our founding, and charts an ambitious and exciting future.
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