Another Egg-cellent Business Case Competition

Tihmily Li, Communications Officer
Sixty business students participated in Greenwood’s 10th annual Business Case Competition. This year’s unique challenge was to present to a panel of judges a plan on how to best expand Chick Fil-A’s franchise and also improve the brand’s image. Students were split into 14 teams and spent the morning considering the nuances of the business case before each team presented their proposals to the judges in the afternoon. The guest judges included members of Greenwood leadership, business teachers, a UofT business professor and various business professionals including Greenwood alumni, parents and friends. 

For some of the students participating this year, it was the first time they got to experience the competition in person. “Compared to the online experience, there was more engagement, being able to look at and talk to peers,” says Curtis Li ‘23. “Furthermore, it felt more professional. I felt an immediate change in the ambiance the moment I stepped into the gym and saw everyone in their formal wear.”

This annual competition gives student teams the opportunity to apply their learning. “This experience taught me to be flexible and open-minded,” Curtis explains. “There is no set approach and there are always multiple angles of attack. The most successful plans are those that are unique and often unconventional.”

After much deliberation, the judges selected the top three teams: 
  • Placing third are Miles Brown ‘23, Jordy Dankoff ‘23, Jamie Kaul ‘23 and Sabine Moysey ‘22.
  • In second place are Charlie Baillie ‘22, Lauren Maniglio ‘22, Drew Purdy ‘22 and Adam Willock ’23.
  • And finally, Piper Grober ‘23, Curtis Li ‘23, David Pearson ‘22 and Ryan Wolfe-Sandy ‘23 won first place!

Congratulations to our top teams!
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