2021-2022 Awards Assembly

Tihmily Li, Communications Officer
All of Greenwood gathered together in the gym for our Awards Assembly on Wednesday, June 15. At the assembly, we celebrated the achievements and accomplishments of the award recipients for Arts, Athletics and Leader by Example. The bronze and silver level Duke of Edinburgh’s Award recipients also received recognition during the assembly.

Ms. Bruce began the assembly noting that success is not only measured by crossing the finish line first or earning a great mark. Success also comprises smaller moments of commitment and practice that help shape each of our individual journeys. While the award recipients have contributed greatly both in and outside of the classroom throughout the school year, Ms. Bruce also paid tribute to the dedication and perserverance of all Greenwood students despite all the additional challenges posed by COVID-19. 

The students honoured at the Awards Assembly have all pushed their boundaries in and out of the classroom this year - whether by working behind the scenes on a school play, volunteering on a committee or putting in hard work on the field. And in doing so, they have made an incredibly positive impact on our community.

Arts Award Recipients
In recognition of their outstanding contributions to the arts, we recognized one student from each grade between Grades 7–11 and two students from the graduating Class of 2022. The recipients of the Arts Award are:
  • Samuel Claydon ‘27
  • Samantha Jaskolka ‘26
  • Danielle Tylman ‘25
  • Sienna Loh ‘24
  • Sasha Carter ‘23
  • Hannah Hutzul ‘22
  • Sydney Smith ‘22

Athletics Award Recipients
The Athlete of the Year award is presented to two students each in Grades 7-8, Grades 9-10 and Grades 11-12. This year, we have three recipients in Grades 11 and 12 who demonstrated considerable leadership and excellence in the many sports they were involved in. 

The Grade 7/8 Athletes of the Year are: 
  • Leland Galloway ‘27; and
  • Devyn Lang ‘27
The Junior Athletes of the Year are:      
  • Michele Horak ‘25; and
  • Torin Lang ‘25
The Jan Campbell Senior Athletes of the year are: 
  • Sabine Moysey ‘22;
  • Emma Parker ‘22; and
  • Matthew Purdy ‘22
We also recognized additional members of the Greenwood Community for Coach of the Year and the Colin Hood OFSAA awards.

Congratulations to Matthew West for being named Greenwood’s Coach of the Year. Joe Bolton ‘22 and Madi Reid ‘22 both received the Student Colin Hood OFSAA award for their commitment to Greenwood’s athletics throughout their time at the school. Emma Seaborn received the Staff Colin Hood OFSAA award for her stellar coaching and commitment.

Leader by Example Awards
Students presented with this award demonstrate their leadership through action. They demonstrate initiative, leadership and assertiveness in their daily behaviour and set an example for all other students. 

The Leader by Example award recipients are:
  • Elora Colbert ‘27
  • Coco Aylward ‘26
  • Graeme Tannenbaum ‘26
  • Mel Edgell ‘25
  • Alexander Viola ‘25
  • Gabe Sims ‘24
  • Ellie Deegan ‘23
  • David Lawee ‘22
Duke of Edinburgh’s Bronze and Silver Award
The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is given in recognition of the students’ hard work and dedication to regularly challenge themselves to step out of their comfort zone. At this assembly, the students who achieved Bronze and Silver levels were awarded with their pin.

The following students have earned their Bronze Pin:
  • Kylie Armstrong ‘25
  • Josh Green ‘22
  • Ainsley Kane ‘23
The following students have earned their Silver Pin:
  • Lauren Maniglio ‘22
  • Zack Paton ‘22

Thank you to all of our students who made a dedicated effort in their studies, school life and extracurriculars. This commitment continues to make Greenwood an enriching and rewarding place to learn and work. 

Pictures from the Awards Assembly can be found on Vidigami.
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