Now Playing in the Greenwood Theatre: “Matilda Jr”

Tihmily Li, Communications Officer
Months of work for the cast of Matilda Jr has prepared them for their opening night. Between learning their lines, the song lyrics and choreography, students had a fun challenge during rehearsals. It will also be an exciting moment for many of the performers as many of their family members and friends can attend the performance in person. “Practicing and rehearsals are a great way to spend time with friends,” says Jasmine Chen ‘28, who plays Miss Honey.

“I really love being a part of this play,” says Elora Colbert ‘27, who plays the lead role of Matilda Wormwood. “While I might feel a little bit nervous before going on stage, that completely goes away once I’m on stage.”

Taylor Puterman ‘28 has prior experience working in film, so acting as the strict and severe Miss Trunchbull gave her a fun experience. “It’s different working on set versus being in a play,” Taylor explains. “With a film production, you can do many takes and bring a new interpretation for each take. With a stage play, everything must be done in one go.” 

May the cast and crew break a leg for their upcoming performances!

The cast of Matilda Jr:

Matilda Wormwood - Elora Colbert ‘27
Agatha Trunchbull - Taylor Puterman ‘28
Miss Honey - Jasmine Chen ‘28
Mr. Wormwood - Ethan Givens ‘27
Mrs. Wormwood & Cook - Chloe Austin ‘27
Michael Wormwood & Kid - Jack Turgeon ‘28
Mr. Phelps & Big Kid - Sam Kerr ‘28
Escapologist & Sergei & Alice (kid) - Natalie Burkett ‘28
Acrobat & Tommy (Kid) - Sunny Zhou ‘28
Rudolpho & Nigel (Kid) - Lyla Bender ‘28
Bruce (Kid) - Victoria Tokmakjian ‘28
Lavender (Kid) - Livy Hervey ‘28
Eric (Kid) - Grace Mckenna ‘28
Amanda (Kid) - Mae Loftsgard ‘28
Hortensia (Kid) - Irmak Aydeniz ‘28
Big Kid 1 & 2 & Mechanic - Sam Claydon ‘27
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