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Tihmily Li, Communications Officer
This spring, months of hard work and rehearsals came to fruition on stage with Greenwood’s first-ever full-school musical. From being backstage or being in the cast, many students from Grades 7 to 12 were fully involved with putting on Newsies. Newsies is an adaptation of the 1992 Disney film by the same name, which covers the true New York City Newsboys Strike of 1899. The tale depicts the struggle of child workers fighting for better working conditions and labour standards.

Many students also had an opportunity to take on leadership roles by choreographing dance and movement during musical numbers. While the show was originally slated to have three performances from Wednesday to Friday, an additional Tuesday evening show was added due to popular demand for tickets. 

The musical was accompanied by a live pit band featuring members of Greenwood’s Jazz Band. “Being in the band is awesome,” says Andy Li ‘26, who plays the violin. “You get to chat with your friends. It is great to hear all the instruments harmonize like flavours in a noodle soup. Even when I have a solo in The World Will Know, I feel confident because all the band members are very encouraging.”

“It’s very cool to have a lot of people come to the play,” says Owen Polley ‘24, who plays three different characters in the musical. “I get to show off a different side of me through different characters I play. Some are serious, some are more funny.” Owen also enjoyed the experience of being in a full-school musical. “I like the diversity of characters and learning from other cast members. Everybody brings a variety of experiences and communication is key.”

Up in the tech booth, Danielle Tylman ‘25 and Kalina Mehta ‘25 work with Albert Bui to ensure microphones are working and lighting cues are on at the right moments. “It’s really fun,” says Danielle. “It’s definitely a commitment but not a really large one since the team doesn’t rehearse with tech until the last few weeks.” 

“It was difficult to learn at first,” adds Kalina. “Luckily, we got to learn from Will Bates ‘22 last year during the High School Musical production. You continue learning as you put on more productions.” While both are sad that the show is over, they’re glad to have some time off in the evenings as their finals come up.

Thank you to our cast, crew and band for creating an incredible experience for Greenwood’s first full-school musical!

Jack Kelly: Fin Burke ‘24
Katherine Plumber: Sydney Peel ‘23
Davey: Evan Edgell ‘24
Race: Rhiannon O’Brien ‘23
Les: Jack Turgeon ‘28
Crutchie: Evie Ohlson ‘24
Romeo: Sasha Carter ‘23
Specs: Mel Edgell ‘25
Elmer: Sara Hodges ‘23
Finch: Abby Weston ‘26
Joseph Pulitzer: Jonathan Preston ‘24
Medda Larkin: Robs Bauer ‘25
Morris Delancey, Spot Conlon and Mayor: Owen Polley ‘24
Oscar Delancey and Roosevelt: Oliver Popper ‘23
Wiesel: Carter Murphy ‘26
Hannah: Allegra Mariani ‘25
Seitz: Carson Blackwell ‘24
Synder and Ensemble: Emilia Melardi ‘24
Bowery Beauty and Ensemble: Charlotte Hammill ‘25
Bowery Beauty and Ensemble: Charlotte Hounsome ‘25
Bowery Beauty and Ensemble: Molly Jones ‘25
Bowery Beauty and Ensemble: Molly Marshall ‘26
Nun and Ensemble: Sophie Lamb ‘25
Nun and Ensemble: Lucy Lapowich ‘25
Scab and Ensemble: Sloane Basch ‘26
Nun, Bill, Scab and Ensemble: Phoebe Gregson ‘24
Nun, Darcy, Scab and Ensemble: Katie Romanelli ‘24
Ensemble: McKenzie Baker ‘25
Ensemble: Mikayla Baker ‘25
Ensemble: Charlotte Kitscha ‘25
Ensemble: Charlotte Polley ‘26
Ensemble: Emma Rocco ‘26
Ensemble: Giorgia Rocco ‘26

Trumpet: Henry Farr ‘25
Violin: Andy Li ‘26
Guitar: Connor Pemberton ‘23
Bass: Austin Perkell ‘24
Keyboard: Richard Piasetski
Flute, Clarinet and Alto Sax: Lilly Vescio ‘24
Percussion: Sydney Wayne ‘23
Drums: Tavish Wilkin ‘24
Baritone: Kevin Xu ‘24

Director: Emily Borden
Music Director: Richard Piasetski
Vocal Coach: Emma Smith
Choreography: Emily Borden, Charlotte Hammill ‘25, Molly Jones ‘25 and Rhiannon O’Brien
Producer: Vanessa Floras 
Stage Management: Sienna Loh ‘24, Georgia Robinson ’24 and Sophia Stieber ‘25
Backstage Crew: Bayla Appleby ‘23, Cameron Barry ‘25, Sam Claydon ‘27, Carter Goldblatt ‘26, Samantha Jaskolka ‘26, Annie Kay ‘25, Dylan Kolers ‘23, Avish Singh ‘28, Claire Sparling ‘26 and Andrew Wilkins ‘25 
Heads of Tech: Albert Bui, Kalina Mehta ‘25 and Danielle Tylman ‘25
Program and Poster Design: Danielle Tylman ‘25
Costume Design: Amy Edkins, Ezmay Ireland, Jessica Li and Sophia Martins
Set Design: Sloane Basch ‘26, Paige Emery ‘26, Astrid Kim ‘26, Charlotte Logan ‘26, Elle Macrae ‘26, Rachel Scobie ‘26 and Ella Tong ‘26
Head of Props: Zoe Sedlak
Hair and Makeup: Elora Colbert '27, Maia Connell ‘24, Kate Konstantinova, Leva McDowell ‘26, Elle Robinson ‘26 and Maddy Shaw '27
Photography: Sarah McGeer ‘24 and Marcio Sargento
Projection Design: Sienna Loh ‘24
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