A Spook-tacular Halloweek

Tihmily Li, Communications Officer
In the days leading up to Halloween, Greenwood participates in Halloweek with fun activities both at-school and at-home for the community to earn valuable House points. Halloweek culminates in the annual Halloween Costume contest. Here are the results from Halloweek!

Halloween Bingo
Bingo was won by Hudson Amery ‘25, Carson Blackwell ‘24, Cassandra Della Mora and Olivia Rhee ‘26. 

Minute to Win It
In first place: Purple House
Tied for second place: Orange House and Blue House
Tied for fourth place: Red House, Onyx House and Frost House
In seventh place: Silver House
In eighth place: Yellow House

Halloween Hunt
In first place: Purple House
In second place: Silver House
In third place: Yellow House
Tied for fourth place: Frost House and Blue House
In sixth place: Orange House
In seventh: Onyx House
In eighth: Red House

Donations to Trick or Eat Davisville
Each House was also challenged to donate nonperishable food items for Trick or Eat Davisville, a local community-driven food drive. It took three separate trips to deliver all of the donations from Greenwood. Thank you! Each House earned points for every donation.

In first place: Yellow House
In second place: Purple House
In third place: Silver House
In fourth place: Blue House
In fifth place: Onyx House
In sixth place: Frost House
Tied for seventh place: Red House and Orange House

There were also plenty of opportunities for the Greenwood community to show off their Halloween spirit at home. Here are the winners for the the at-home Halloweek activities:

Movie Poster Recreation
Winner: Yellow House (Nisha Malhotra ‘27)

Spookiest House
In first place: Leonardo Aspesi ‘28 (Yellow House)
Second place: Simona Sera ‘29 (Yellow House)
Third place: Nat Borlase ‘24 (Orange House)
Fourth place: Chloe Pooley ‘27 (Purple House)

Pumpkin Carving
In first place: Ms. Cooper (Purple House)
Second place: Simona Sera ‘29 (Yellow House)
Third place: Anna Dravers ‘28 (Onyx House)
Fourth place: Mackenzie Reid ‘27 (Frost House)

Pet Costumes
Thank you for submitting all the extremely cute pet photos! Our judges still have yet to judge them. Stay tuned to learn who wins!

Halloween Costumes
For most creative: Northern Lights, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Colonel Sanders and Taylor Swift
For scariest costume: The Joker, Child Abducted by an Alien, Scary Clown (with a sign) and Patrick Bateman from American Psycho
For best character: Elvis Presley, Beetlejuice and Walter White
For the greenest costume: Cereal Killer, Recycling Bin and Lead Singer from Green Day
For best staff costume: Adam Sandler, Justin Bieber, Lifeguard and Shark, Barbie and Undead Pirate
Best duo/trio/group costume: Boxers, Carebears and Monopoly Board Game

More photos from the Halloween Costume Contest and Halloween photobooth can be found on pixevety.

Spooky Short Stories
Here are the winners from our Spooky Short Story contest. A winner was selected for each grade and also for staff. All short stories must be 55 words or less. Enjoy these short spooky tales!

Simona Sera ‘29 - The Teacher
In the classroom, the teacher starts talking. Everyone else listens. Not me. I can’t concentrate. Why can’t anyone see it? That’s not the teacher. That’s a monster. Its red eyes stare at me. It knows that I know, I realize. 

“Jack,” It says. “Can I see you after class?” I won’t be going home tonight.

Sam Robertson ‘28 - Darkness is Coming
Have you ever wondered why we feel such a strong fear of the dark? When you are laying with your eyes open in your room, watching the shadows, falling asleep. Fear of the dark is natural, but why? What creature was dark enough, and dangerous enough, to invoke such a fear in early humans?

Alexander Murray ‘27 - The Reason Behind Nyctophobia
It was at the dead of night. I couldn't see it. I could only see the road, the trees and the flickering street lights. 

"WHERE ARE YOU!" I yell. I hear someone breathing heavily approaching behind me. 
"What do you mean?" They say as a long boney hand grabs my shoulder. "I'm right here."

Olivia Wellman ‘26 - Dreaming
When she had nightmares, she would wake herself up. One night she “dreamt” her window was pried open and someone was crawling inside. She knew what to do. She tried to wake up, only to realize she wasn't sleeping.

Mel Edgell ‘25 - Maddening Creature
The vicious growls and rustling sound of nails against metal bars put me on edge. Only a little longer, I think, nearly able to rid myself of this maddening creature. Finally arriving, I carefully open the cage, where the creature leaps into the girl’s arms … purring as the girl strokes the kitten’s fuzzy head.

Emilio Melardi ‘24 - Dead
I'd never been afraid of dying, even when my car went flying off the road. But now that I'm six feet beneath the earth in a steel coffin, arms trapped by my side as maggots crawl and gnaw on my corpse, I'm terrified. I never thought you’d be awake for this part.

Mr. Doug Brown - A Shadow Shifted
Whispering winds wove wickedly through weeping willows. A ghostly glow gripped the graveyard, where tombstones towered, telltale of tales untold. Then, a shadow shifted. Silently, sinister eyes shimmered. Suddenly, the silence shattered. Screams echoed as students scattered. What lurked among the graves? No one knew, but they'd soon find out.
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