Meet Your 2024-2025 Headship Candidates

Tihmily Li, Communications Officer
Every year in April, Greenwood buzzes with excitement as the Headship campaign and election is underway. Students interested in running for one of two Head of Student Leadership positions must first submit their application. The students then campaign for two weeks, introducing themselves during multiple Meet and Greets before school as well as participating in a Q & A about their leadership before presenting their final speeches and election. 
This Friday, April 19, the Greenwood students and staff will select their 2024 to 2025 school year Heads of Student Leadership. We’d like to introduce you to our four Headship candidates: Kylie Armstrong ‘25, Mel Edgell ‘25, Alexander Viola ‘25 and Charlie Waghmare ‘25!
What made you want to run for Headship?
Kylie: I want to be Head of Student Leadership for the school year of 2024/2025 because I genuinely love Greenwood. As cliché as it sounds, ever since I joined in Grade 7, I have always dreamed of being the welcoming face at the front doors, inviting younger students into the community I have grown to cherish. I want to be the kind of leader that younger students can trust and count on to listen. Being a leader and providing comfort and joy to those around me gives me immense happiness and fulfilment. Representing Greenwood as Head of Student Leadership in my final year at the school would be the perfect way to end my time here by giving back to the community. My motivation is not for personal gain or experience. I want to work hard to make the coming year and beyond the most promising ever for the Greenwood community. As my Grade’s Student Council Representative every year since Grade 7, I have developed the skills necessary to be a productive and influential leader inside and outside the walls of Greenwood. 
Mel: I have always been really interested in leadership. This year, I also got to be a Grade 11 on the Exec Council, where I learned more about all the different positions, and the role Headship plays in facilitating everything. I chose to run for Headship because I want to do more to make the school feel more welcoming and have a stronger community. I have ideas for ways the student leadership at Greenwood can be managed by Headship, and I want student leaders to feel more empowered in their roles, and members of the community to feel heard.
Alexander: I want to run for Headship because I care about this school deeply. I was inspired by previous Heads of Student Leadership, who were all very warm and welcoming to me in my first years at Greenwood, and they still are to this day. They made a huge impact on how I interact with the school community, as they made me feel a part of the Greenwood community so early on. I want to be able to continue this legacy, as I feel it is extremely important to ensure that younger students (and older students!) feel comfortable and appreciated inside of our community. I feel that I am a strong leader and I want to give back to the school and its community after it has given so much to me. I will work very hard to make a positive impact for Greenwood.
Charlie: Running for headship is something I have wanted since I came to Greenwood in Grade 7. I believe that I embody the four pillars of character at Greenwood, and I want to be that person who represents the school and its values.
What do you love about Greenwood and what do you want to do next year as a student leader?
Kylie: What I love the most about Greenwood is the foundation built within the students and staff that allows everyone to feel supported. If elected as Head of Student Leadership, my goal is to take this to the next level and build more school spirit, energy, and community within Greenwood. One of the most significant initiatives I am working on to support this is a series of Friday Night Lights. Building off the success of Hockey Day, I will organize a basketball game that will draw tons of Greenwood spectators and excitement. There will be signs, music, and family and friends roaring from the crowds as the team's playoff on a Friday night. This will be a night to remember for everyone, whether you are a student, staff, athlete, or family member/friend.
Mel: Something I love about Greenwood is the amount of opportunities for students to hold leadership roles. I have gotten to experience being a grade rep, starting a club with a friend, being an exec, and more – all experiences which I really enjoyed. Next year, I would like to set up more of a structure and support system for student leaders so they feel empowered to be leaders in their communities. Student leaders play such a big role in the overall feeling of Greenwood, and I want that impact to be as meaningful as it can.
Alexander: My favourite part of Greenwood is the community. Greenwood has an incredibly strong community where everyone is accepted. The students, teachers and staff are all very kind, and they make me feel at home. For example, after the Q & A on Monday, students from all grades as well as staff came up to me and congratulated me on how I did. Things like this remind me of how much I love Greenwood's community. Next year, I would like to ensure that everyone knows that they are a valued member of the Greenwood community. I also would like to bring different grades closer together through initiatives such as Fun Fridays, and a food and culture fair. Overall, I want to keep Greenwood's community strong, and I want to be a positive role model.
Charlie: There are so many things I love about Greenwood, but the thing I love most is the community. I have made so many meaningful relationships with students and staff throughout my time here and hope to make even more as a Headship next year. Beyond being a friendly face in the halls and bringing positivity to the school, I have some real initiatives I want to put forth next year. These include getting students and staff down to Cherry Beach to watch some of our soccer and rugby teams play, having a battle of the bands themed day and open mic, bringing more competitiveness and spirit to Spirit Day, and getting a ping pong table in the Lodge.
Anything else you want our Life @ Greenwood readers to know about you?
Kylie: I want Greenwood to know that since Grade 7, I have balanced high-performance alpine skiing and rugby while maintaining my marks and actively contributing to the Greenwood and greater Toronto communities. Through mentors, role models and extra help, I have learned the art of balancing all my passions. My Adviser once told me that if you want something done, you should ask the busiest person because they have the best organizational skills and hold themselves accountable for everything on their plate. I can assure you that I am that person, equipped and excited to take on the challenges and responsibilities of a dedicated Head of Student Leadership!
Mel: I am really driven to get things done, both my ideas and the ideas that my peers bring to me. I understand how to put initiatives and events into place and get them off the ground, and I hope to be able to showcase those skills next year!
Alexander: I enjoy meeting new people. I feel that it teaches me lots of valuable lessons that I wouldn't learn on my own. Consequently, I take time to get to know people, and I am genuinely interested in learning new things about them. I also love being outdoors, as it makes me feel calm and free. I really love being in the mountains back home in Austria, playing football (soccer) outside with my friends, or being in the ocean and seeing many different cool animals. Overall, I am a positive person and I like to have fun, so I am excited to share this with Greenwood.
Charlie: I'm an avid Nascar fan.

We wish all the candidates the best of luck as they prepare for their final speeches on Friday, April 19.
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