A Spirited Start to the Long Weekend

Tihmily Li, Communications Officer
In the days leading up to Spirit Day, the weather forecast looked grim, calling for heavy rainfall on May 17. Luckily, the forecast changed and the rain waited for our Spirit Day activities to finish. Spirit Day is a much-beloved Greenwood tradition, when all the Houses compete to win House points and bond with the Greenwood community. 

The festivities began at Greenwood where the students gathered in their House groups to practise their cheers one final time. Students could also decorate with face paint to show off their House allegiance. From there, students and staff loaded onto buses that delivered them directly to Serena Gundy Park. 

The first competition is the cheer-off. After that, the four Houses split to compete at one of two big group games: head-to-head ball relay race and the hula hoop snake race. All Houses then moved on to compete in the tug-of-war competition before having lunch. After lunch, the Grade 12s hosted a fun fair filled with many activities like a three-legged race, mind puzzles, and an egg toss. Younger students and staff participated in the games and had their fun fair passport stamped for each station that they visited. To end off Spirit Day, the Houses competed in a tire derby. 

Cheer-Off Results
First Place: Timberwolves
Second Place: Lynx
Third Place: Hawks
Fourth Place: Hemlock

Head-to-Head Ball Relay Race
Tied for First Place: Bison and Timberwolves
Third Place: Lynx
Fourth Place: Hawks
Fifth Place: Trillium
Sixth Place: Hemlock
Seventh Place: Onyx
Eighth Place: Redwood

Hula Hoop Snake Race
Tied for First Place: Redwood, Trillium, Timberwolves
Fourth Place: Hawks
Tied for Fifth Place: Bison, Hemlock, Onyx
Eighth Place: Lynx

The tug-of-war competition consists of three rounds in a process of elimination. 
The first round results:
  • Lynx triumphed over Hemlock
  • Onyx triumphed over Redwood
  • Trillium triumphed over Timberwolves
  • Bison triumphed over Hawks
The second round results:
  • Onyx triumphed over Lynx
  • Bison triumphed over Trillium
In the third and final round, House Bison won the tug-of-war in a fierce battle against House Onyx. This marks the third year in a row that House Bison has won the tug-of-war.

Tire Derby
First Place: Hawks
Second Place: Timberwolves
Third Place: Lynx
Fourth Place: Hemlock
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