Arts Week 2024

Tihmily Li, Communications Officer
This year, Greenwood’s Arts Week ran between May 13 and 16. Arts Week showcases the many artistic talents and skills of students while also inviting the Greenwood community to partake in the arts. The week kicked off with a Greenwood Mic and continued with many fun activities such as origami, bracelet making, musical performances and improv games.

Arts Week culminated in the Arts Everywhere evening showcase where different mediums and forms of artistic expression are celebrated. On the ground floor, visitors can appreciate the art on display. While many of the pieces were made using traditional mediums, there were also sculptures, photography and digital art incorporated into the gallery. Upstairs in the gym, visitors were treated to musical and vocal performances. Fin Burke ‘24 and Evie Ohlson ‘24 emceed the event. The ensembles that performed included curricular and co-curricular groups.  Here were the acts performed:
  • Grade 7 Vocal Class performed Climb Higher by Pinkzebra
  • Grade 7 Band Class performed Lean On Me by Withers, arranged by Piasetski
  • Grade 9 Band Class performed The Rainbow Connection by Williams, Ascher, arranged by Lavender and You’ll Be In My Heart by Collins, arranged Sweeney
  • Senior Music Class performed Ave Maria by Verdi, arranged by Nandagopan and Yesterday by Lennon/McCartney, arranged by Nandagopan
  • Jr. Guitar Club performed Plateau by Meat Puppets
  • Jr. Jazz Band performed April in Paris by Harburg and Duke, arranged by Sweeney
  • Sr. Guitar Club performed No Rain by Blind Melon and Valerie by Mark Ronson 
  • Int. Jazz Band performed Route 66 by Troup, arranged by Sweeney and Ain't Misbehavin' by Razaf, Waller and Brooke, arranged by Lowden
  • The Choir performed Stand By Me by King, What Becomes of the Brokenhearted by Ruffin, and Chasing Pavements by Adele, all arranged by Evan Edgell ‘24
Down in the theatre, Lauren Kohler ‘24, Charlotte Hounsome ‘25 and Katie Romanelli ‘24 performed as part of the senior Dance Troupe. After the performance, the theatre audience was treated to many short films made by Greenwood students. Here are the films that were showcased:
  • Kids in Film by Charlotte Polley ‘26
  • Road to the Olympics by Mikayla Baker ‘25
  • Learning in the Time of Pandemic by Bodie Shultz ‘26
  • Out from Inside by Rachel Flaherty ‘25
  • Man’s Best Friend by Ollie Coats '26
  • Festival 699 by Molly Marshall ‘26
  • Director’s Eye by Amelia Massey ‘26
  • S.O.T.A.S. - Save Our Trees and Streams Organization by Leva McDowell ‘26
  • Hannah by Carter Murphy ‘26
  • Even in Fire’s Rage… by Leah Qi’ 26
  • Joey O’Neil By Jessica Li ‘25
  • How Music Shapes Us! by Phoebe Gregson ‘25
  • Ghost of Dalagiri 7 by Neve McDowell ‘26
  • Family Business by Emma Rocco ‘26
  • The Woods by the Grade 12 film class, with commercial breaks from the Grade 11 Advertising class.
Missed out on the Arts Showcase? To view the media arts, photography and film performances, visit our Arts Everywhere showcase website.
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