Awards Assembly 2024

In the lead-up to Celebration Day, one of Greenwood’s traditions is an Awards Assembly held on the last day of school. Community members are recognized for their achievements in Arts, Outdoor Education, Athletics, school leadership and Service Learning. The bronze and silver level Duke of Edinburgh’s Award recipients were also recognized at the assembly as well as the Greenest House at Greenwood.

Ms. Bruce began the assembly with a thoughtful address about the impact and contributions of each individual at Greenwood. The dedication and commitment to excellence that the Greenwood community has shown in the 2023-2024 school year has made this year a roaring success. 

Students and staff honoured at the Awards Assembly have pushed their boundaries both in and out of the classroom this year - whether that’s working behind the scenes on a school theatre production or putting in extra effort on a committee. In doing so, they have made an incredibly positive impact on our community.

Arts Award Recipients
In recognition of their outstanding contributions to the arts at Greenwood, the recipients of the Arts Award are:
  • Elliot Veneziano ‘29
  • Liv Waghmare ‘29
  • Jasmine Chen ‘28
  • Elora Colbert ‘27
  • Sloane Basch ‘26
  • Abby Weston ‘26
  • Mel Edgell ‘25
  • Danielle Tylman ‘25
  • Fin Burke ‘24
  • Evan Edgell ‘24
  • Lilly Vescio ‘24

Spirit of Adventure Award
We recognize students from Grades 10 and 11 for the Spirit of Adventure Award who demonstrated resilience, positivity and determination while on Outdoor Education expeditions. This year, we recognized four Grade 10 students and two Grade 11 students who made the OE experience enjoyable for others through their actions and upbeat attitude. The recipients of the Spirit of Adventure Award are: 
  • Madeleine Brown ‘26
  • Tessa Campbell ‘26
  • Kai Cluett ‘26
  • Sophia Martins ‘26
  • Sebastian Hawkins ‘25
  • Julia McLennan ‘25
Duke of Edinburgh’s Bronze and Silver Award
The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is given in recognition of the students’ hard work and dedication to regularly challenge themselves to step out of their comfort zone. At this assembly, the students who achieved Bronze and Silver levels were awarded with their pins and a certificate.

Bronze-level Duke of Edinburgh’s Award recipients:
  • Coco Aylward ‘26
  • Daniella Barmak ‘25
  • Dillon Browning Rodriguez ‘25
  • Chloe Di Girolamo ‘26
  • Evan Edgell ‘24
  • Henry Farr ‘25
  • Miley Greenberg ‘26
  • Michele Horak ‘24
  • Lucas Huang ‘25
  • Charlotte Hounsome ‘25
  • Samantha Jaskolka ‘26
  • Bella Kembar ‘27
  • Astrid Kim ‘26
  • Davis O’Connor ‘25
  • Emma Tannenbaum ‘26
  • Lilly Vescio ‘24
  • Charlie Waghmare ‘25

Silver-level Duke of Edinburgh’s Award recipients:
  • Mel Edgell ‘25
  • Alexa Fiorelli ‘25
  • Lucy Lapowich ‘25
  • Izzy McEvily ‘24
  • Nicole Moscoe ‘26

Athletic Awards
Students and staff show great dedication to their chosen sports throughout the year. We recently celebrated the recipients of the MVP and Coach’s Award at our [Spring Athletics Assembly], however the Awards Assembly recognized outstanding athletes who made a significant impact on Greenwood’s athletics throughout all three seasons. We also recognized two staff members for their contributions as a coach here at Greenwood. 

First, the Colin Hood OFSAA awards were presented. This award recognizes two graduating students (one male and one female) and staff member from each high school in Ontario to recognize their commitment to the success of their school’s athletics program and within their Association. This year, we awarded the Colin Hood OFSAA Athletes of the Year Award to Torin Lang ‘24 and Maddy Sergnese ‘24 while Connor McFarlane received the Colin Hood OFSAA Coach of the Year Award. 

U14 Athlete of the Year recipients are:
  • Rainaa Cluett ‘28
  • Ryan Raymond ‘28
  • Blake Wolburgh ‘28

Junior Athlete of the Year recipients are: 
  • Leland Galloway ‘27
  • Devyn Lang ‘27

Jan Campbell Senior Athlete of the Year recipients are:
  • Michele Horak ‘24
  • Torin Lang ‘24

Coach of the Year, as voted on by all Greenwood coaches, is Callie Bowman. 

Leader by Example
Students presented with this award demonstrate their leadership through action. They show initiative, leadership and assertiveness in their daily behaviour and set an example for all other students. Recipients for this award were chosen by their peers. 

The Leader by Example award recipients are:
  • Renee Kerr ‘29
  • Will Hossack ‘28
  • Nikhil Oberai ‘27
  • Graeme Tanenbaum ‘26
  • Coco Muradali ‘25

Service Learning Award
Greenwood’s students make a significant contribution to our Service Learning and Outreach programming throughout the year. Whether that means building strong bonds with their Reading Buddies, getting to school early to build healthy lunches or mentoring and coaching in out-of-school programs, students make a positive impact on the wider community through their dedication and punctuality. Students were recognized in their grade groups for their outreach work in the year. 

The Service Learning award recipients are:
  • Leo Hynes ‘29
  • Simona Sera ‘29
  • Chloe Trevelyan ‘29
  • Fraser Durno ‘28
  • Emma Kussner ‘28
  • Camden Barnikis ‘27
  • Bella Kembar ‘27
  • Paige Emery ‘26
  • Astrid Kim ‘26
  • Dillon Browning Rodriguez ‘25
  • Annie Kay ‘25
  • Caleb Hibbert ‘24
  • Emilio Melardi ‘24

Spirit Day Winner & Greenest House @ Greenwood Award
The Timberwolves were recognized as winners for Spirit Day for their cumulative points earned in the various activities! The Hawks were recognized as the Greenest House @ Greenwood for their participation throughout the year in various eco-friendly initiatives such as Meatless Mondays and Walk to School challenge.
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