The First Follower: Transforming a Lone Nut into a Leader

Kate Raven, Communications Manager
What do an erratic dancer­, a man in a green shirt, and a music festival have to teach us about starting a movement? As Principal Hardy pointed out at assembly on October 3, lots.
Take a few minutes to watch the video below, and pay special attention to the aforementioned green-shirted man:

Many movements throughout history have started with one person, but they also needed a first follower – someone who publicly showed everyone how to follow. Without the first follower and the momentum they produce, a movement can’t happen.
So how does this apply at Greenwood?
“Human behaviour suggests it is easy to follow once a group of people initiate something,” Principal Hardy said. “Sometimes the things that are started are good, but sometimes they’re hurtful, like anonymous posts on Facebook. In those cases, the first follower has an important decision to make: do you ignore it, do you speak out, or do you jump in and follow?
 “When you’re asked to follow, ask yourself: is this the right thing to do? Making the right choice, especially when it’s difficult to do, is at the very heart of what we call moral character at Greenwood. And always remember that choosing the right thing makes each of us, and our community, better.”

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