Small, But Mighty

Kate Raven, Communications Manager
Greenwood is known throughout Toronto as a small school, and that’s the way we would like to keep it. We’re committed to always remaining a small school, with a close community of students, teachers, staff, and families. But as Principal Hardy pointed out at November 28’s assembly, small schools can still accomplish big things.
“I was speaking to the mother of two Greenwood alumni recently, and she used a phrase when referring to Greenwood that really stuck with me: ‘small, but mighty’,” he said. “Though our student population is relatively small, we don’t hesitate to set ambitious goals and take on big projects, because we know they’re within our capabilities.”
Principal Hardy pointed out two recent examples of mighty Greenwood achievements:
  • Our Senior Girls’ Volleyball team’s victory at their season-opening tournament on November 23 (read a recap here). Greenwood’s team defeated several larger schools to win the tournament final in two straight sets. “The team has dedicated a lot of practice time to working on their game,” Principal Hardy said. “They’re playing in the CISAA’s highest division this year, and they hope to represent us at the provincial level in March.  Though they’re from a small school, they have big aspirations.”
  • This year’s Junior Play, Beauty and the Beast Jr., which opens on November 29 at the Al Green Theatre. “The show involves more than 50 of your peers, and is a tremendous collaborative effort,” Principal Hardy said. “This is the biggest Arts undertaking in the history of the school, and the show has sold out for all three performances.”

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