One Student, One Vote

Kate Raven, Communications Manager
As June approaches, Greenwood is gearing up to elect a new group of student leaders for the 2013-2014 school year. The first of these elections will be for our Head Boy and Head Girl. This year, 13 of our current Grade 11 students have decided to run for these positions. Their campaign posters are on display in the Lodge and on our digital screens, and the candidates are participating in “meet and greets” with students.
Principal Hardy’s address at April 24’s assembly focused on the evolution of these two positions since he first became principal in 2008-2009.
“Each year, our Head Boy and Head Girl have brought something new to the role, and these new elements have become part of the position going forward,” he said. Whether it was greeting students at the door in the morning, adding a dramatic flair to assemblies, boosting Greenwood spirit, or making connections with other schools, our previous Student Council leaders all contributed something that made the role what it is today.
Our Head Boy and Head Girl for 2012-2013, Damon Carrington and Sammy Kronick (’13) have been a combination of all of these things, and have added their attention to administrative details into the mix. “It has been a privilege working with them this year,” Principal Hardy said.
In addition to leading the Student Council, the Head Boy and Head Girl represent the student body at weekly meetings with school administrators. It’s a role that has an impact on every Greenwood student. “As a community, we believe in ‘1 person, 1 vote’,” Principal Hardy said. “Every student has a say in who is elected. We encourage you to get to know your candidates as much as you can, and to cast your vote with care and thought.”
When voting, students will have a choice between 7 Head Boy and 6 Head Girl candidates. “1 in 5 of our Grade 11 students have decided to run for election this year. That, in itself, says a lot about our community,” Principal Hardy said.

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