Why We Can't Always Live in the Spectacular Now

Kate Raven, Communications Manager
The Spectacular Now is a recently released, and favorably reviewed, coming-of-age tale featuring two Grade 12 students, Sutter and Aimee. Sutter just wants to have a good time, and has no plans for the future. He sums up his approach to life in this quote: "To hell with tomorrow. To hell with all problems and barriers. Nothing matters but the Spectacular Now."
Aimee, on the other hand, has plans to get out of her small town after graduation, and to go to college. Though she doesn't mind experiencing "the spectacular now" from time to time, she also works diligently on doing her best at school.
"As you might expect, by the end of the movie, Sutter realizes he needs to think more carefully about his future. In other words, he needs a plan." Principal Hardy said. "What Sutter was missing throughout the movie was that one trusted adult, who he could talk to about his plans. His parents weren't around, and though one teacher tries to reach out to Sutter, he didn't have a connection with anyone at school.
"While you should take time to enjoy life on a daily basis, it's also important that you have a plan for the future. At Greenwood, you're very fortunate to have teachers and advisers who want to help you plan and succeed. I encourage you all to make a habit of reaching out to your trusted adults at Greenwood and at home, and to use their help and advice as you plan for the months ahead."

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