Student Leadership Season

Kate Raven, Communications Manager
The end of the school year is approaching, and that means it’s time for Greenwood students to elect a new Head Boy and Girl for 2014-2015. The two students to fill these positions next have had excellent examples in our current Head Boy and Girl, Elly Rosenbaum (’14) and Kate Farrell (’14).
“Kate and Elly have done an outstanding job in leading the student body,” Principal Hardy said. “Their accomplishments this year illustrate the qualities you might want to look for when voting for our Grade 11 candidates.”
So what are the attributes needed to be a great Head Boy or Girl?
“Enthusiasm, presence and engagement are key,” Principal Hardy said. “Kate and Elly greet you at the door every morning, speak at every assembly, and serve as ambassadors for Greenwood at a number of events. On top of their academics and extracurricular commitments, they leave the time, space and energy to engage with you.”
As with any job, certain skills are also critical to succeeding in this demanding role. Greenwood’s Head Boy and Girl must be strong facilitators, listeners, motivators, and communicators. “Our Head Boy and Girl contribute much to our community – whether they’re coming up with new ideas or encouraging participation in school events – but their most important job is to ensure that student voices are heard and communicated to school administration,” Principal Hardy said.
Voters will have a range of choices when making their decisions. 14 Grade 11 students – seven boys and seven girls – have thrown their hats in the ring for this year’s election. “The number of candidates this year underscores the value Greenwood places on leadership,” Principal Hardy said. “Our school is incredibly fortunate to have such dedicated student leaders.”

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