Using Homework to Help Improve Learning Skills

Allan Hardy, Principal
To date, there is no definitive evidence showing that the completion of homework leads to students achieving higher grades. However, research does show that homework helps students improve their learning skills and become better self-directed learners. One could argue that completing homework is a long-term investment in life skills.
At Greenwood, teachers assign two types of homework. The first type allows students to practice, apply or extend concepts learned during class time. This approach is often used in mathematics and science. The second type of homework prepares students for the next class. This approach could involve watching a video in a blended learning class or reading a chapter from a novel or text. Overall, completing homework enables students to engage effectively in classes.
As a means of supporting students with homework, the school provides several options. Students are able to work on their homework with teacher support before school on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, and after school in the Student Success Centre or with individual teachers. In other instances, students who have several incomplete homework assignments may also be assigned to the Homework Support Centre, which takes place after school.
Determining how much homework is enough will be different for each student. A good rule of thumb is to use the Goldilocks principle: if your child has too much or little, or no homework at all, please contact the child’s Adviser. The same approach applies to parents helping with homework. Avoid helping too much, as this may end up eroding student confidence. Being thoughtful about how we assign, monitor and help students with homework improves their independence and ensures they have time for other pursuits that play a key role in helping them develop as a whole person.

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