Postsecondary Life: Reconnecting with Greenwood Alumni

Allan Hardy, Principal
As educators, we long to make a difference in the lives of the next generation. To learn, for example, that taking Greenwood’s courses in Economics and Accounting and our emphasis on essay writing has prepared our students to make a successful transition to the rigors of the Queen’s Commerce program means a great deal to our teachers. To discover that one of our students in a prestigious, American pre-med program is thriving in his science courses is also gratifying. Of equal importance is when students tell us that the school we helped them select “is the perfect fit for me.” 
That being said, our former students are candid about the challenges they face in their first year away from Greenwood and their families. Time and time again, our students talk about how Greenwood alumni support one another in navigating these challenges. Moving to a bigger setting sometimes means you have to work harder to earn a leadership position, but as one former student indicated, “Because of my extracurricular experience at Greenwood, I was able to earn one of the four spots I applied for.” In other instances, when faced with difficult academic challenges, they are willing to work hard to master new concepts and learn new skills.
I am proud to see our recent graduates are well-prepared and successfully navigating the challenges faced by all first-year students. You can learn more about the successful experiences of our alumni in this year’s edition of Portrait of a Graduate.

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