Demonstrating Mastery through Authentic Performance

Allan Hardy, Principal
There have been several wonderful examples of Greenwood students striving for this type of excellence over the last few weeks.
Most recently, I had the pleasure of being part of Friday’s sold-out audience for Greenwood Night Live. Several Grade 12 students had key roles in the show and have been involved in our dramatic arts program since their first days at Greenwood. To watch them perform skits featuring rapid-fire dialogue with spot-on timing was immensely gratifying.
Last month’s Songs in the Key of Greenwood provided further evidence of the distance travelled by many of our musical performers. With each passing year, the ensemble work has become more complex. This depth was especially evident in the range of compositions performed by the members of our guitar class. To see these same students then turn around and perform a rock song, followed by a Stevie Wonder tune, was further evidence of their skill and passion for music.
Results from winter sports illustrate a similar pattern. At OFSAA, two skiers placed in the top-twenty finishers, while Nicole Clyde placed third in snowboarding. Several of our volleyball and basketball teams played at the Division I level, as we know that skill development can be accelerated through exposure to challenging competition.
Ultimately, our hope is that the dedication, responsibility and commitment required in the mastery of these various extracurricular pursuits will support and sustain the development of academic skills.

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