Taking Time Away from Technology to Rest and Reflect

Allan Hardy, Principal
Living in a wired world necessitates that we need to take the occasional break for rest and reflection. Manoush Zamrodi, the host of radio station WNYC’s New Tech City, has formalized this idea by creating the Bored and Brilliant project in which she invites her listeners to rethink their relationship with technology.

Since early this year, participants in the Bored and Brilliant project are trying to use their smartphones less and use this newfound time to simply let their minds wander. After identifying their baseline level of phone use using an app like Moment or BreakFree, participants then complete six daily challenges. The first four challenges help reduced phone use and the final two challenges suggest creative and reflective ways to use this time. To date, several thousand people have completed the challenges.

Hopefully, some of our students will build this challenge into their wellness plans, as making small changes such as using your phone less may allow students to feel less anxious and more reflective.
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