Celebrating Teamwork Throughout the Year

Allan Hardy, Principal
When we assembled for the first time this year back in September, I shared with the students a news item from Perth, Australia, in which a group of morning commuters freed a man who was trapped between the edge of the platform and the door of the train. The takeaway from the incident was that when people work together, they can accomplish great things.

As we come to the end of this school year, I applauded the many different ways students have worked together. In some instances, as was the case with this year’s winter outdoor education program, students and teachers supported one another through some adverse weather conditions. Throughout last week, the various elements of our arts program combined to create a stunning exploration of visual and digital arts, fashion and film. The work of this year’s Diversity Committee led us towards a deeper understanding of inclusivity. All of these efforts make us proud to be part of the Greenwood community.

I encouraged students to continue to find other ways to work together and support each other throughout the final weeks of the school year.
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