• June

    Awards Countdown to Celebration Day

    Greenwood presented a special Awards Countdown series leading up to Celebration Day during the week of June 14.
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  • Celebration Day 2021

    The Greenwood community celebrated the end of the 2020-2021 school year with a special Celebration Day presentation on Thursday, June 17.
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  • Grade 11 Leadership Morning

    The Class of 2022 came together (virtually) to plan for their graduating year on Wednesday, June 16.
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  • Leaving Class Celebrations

    Greenwood’s Class of 2021 celebrated their achievements with small in-person graduation ceremonies as well as a virtual ceremony on Friday, June 18.
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  • Don’t Forget to Order Your 2020-2021 Yearbook!

    Order your copy of the Greenwood Tribute 2020-2021 yearbook today!
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  • Heads of Student Leadership and Grade Representative Results

    Greenwood’s Heads of Student Leadership and Grade Representatives for 2021-2022 have officially been selected! 
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  • Let's Celebr8!

    Our Grade 8s are hitting an important milestone in their life as they move on to high school next year. The Greenwood community recognized this achievement with a fun Celebr8 event!
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  • Reflecting on Greenwood’s Community Conversation Series

    Written by Mary Gauthier, Executive Director, Centre for Teaching and Learning
    Greenwood’s Community Conversation Series offered many opportunities to bring Greenwood to the homes of our parent community this past year.
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  • Spirit Day 2021

    House colours flooded everyone's screens on Wednesday, June 2 as we celebrated Spirit Day 2021!
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  • Beating Personal Records

    Students from Mr. Clark's Grade 10 and 11 Personal Fitness class completed a 5km race after a month of dedicated training on Friday, May 28.
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  • Ben Loewen to Compete at the Olympic Trials in June

    Greenwood student Ben Loewen ‘22 has been working hard on his swimming career and it’s paying off! 
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  • Coping Through Challenges with Dr. David Tranter

    Dr. David Tranter spoke to the Greenwood community on Wednesday, May 19 for the final session of our year-long Community Conversation Series.
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  • Designing Tools of the Stone Age

    Mr. Farbstein challenged his Tech Design students to learn about tools of the Stone Age.
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  • Finding a Silver Lining

    Leila Shapiro '22, Pippa Bridges '22, Maggie Higgins '22, and Katelyn Budd '23 planned and completed their Silver Semi-Virtual Adventurous Journeys (AJ) for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.
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  • Outstanding Academic Performance

    Greenwood would like to congratulate Bella Clyde on receiving the President’s Entrance Scholarship at Western University!
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  • May

    A Virtual Case Competition Success

    Greenwood Business students had the chance to participate in another virtual 24-hour case competition on Thursday, May 6. Over 35 students in Grades 10 to 12 took on this challenge. 
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  • Backstage Experience of a Greenwood Production

    Written by Charlotte Hounsome ‘25
    As we all know, this past year has been quite a roller coaster. When Ms. Webster approached me about working as a crew member for the Grade 8 play, Box, I was really glad we were still able to continue an activity outside of the classroom. 
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  • Greenwood House Mural

    Ms. Porter tasked the 2020-2021 Arts Execs with coming up with a community mural project to which everyone at Greenwood could contribute.
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  • Greenwood Takes On SOMA XLVIII

    A Greenwood delegation of nine students and two staff members participated in this year's Southern Ontario Model UN Assembly (SOMA) Model UN Conference (MUN).
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  • Venturing Further With Greenwood‘s Theatre Program

    Written by Kylie Armstrong ‘25
    Being an actor in the play was awesome! I loved getting into character with my friends but my favourite part was the finale. Every time we practiced for the finale, I couldn't wait to get in the theatre.
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  • Earth Week 2021

    Greenwood’s Environmental Committee hosted a successful Earth Week 2021 during the week of April 26-30.
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  • March

    Choose to Challenge

    Greenwood students commemorated women’s activism and achievements during this year’s Women’s Week. On March 7, the International Women’s Day organization posed the question, “what do you choose to challenge?” The Greenwood community answered the call with personal pledges for change.
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  • Matthew West (left), Ryan Vachon (right)

    Get to Know More Greenwood Teachers

    The Greenwood community values and appreciates the hard work and dedication of all of our teachers. We admire how great they are as educators, so we thought it would be fun to ask some of them personal questions to get to know them better.
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  • Heads of Student Leadership Election

    Greenwood students and staff are getting ready to elect next year's Heads of Student Leadership. Greenwood's Headship position is the highest leadership position a graduating student can obtain. A new change to this year’s election is that the votes for two candidates will be based on merit and there will be no gendered ballot.
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  • Order Your House Hoodie Today!

    House Swag is finally here! Hoodies in all 8 House colours are selling for $33.50 each and will ship directly to you at home.
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  • Career Peers

    Written by Pippa Bridges '22 and Charlie Batori '22
    Pippa Bridges ‘22 and Charlie Batori ‘22 recently founded a club at Greenwood called Career Peers. The goal of this club is to inspire, educate, and provoke thinking among students about the potential career paths they can take after postsecondary.
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  • Get to Know Our Apprentice Teachers!

    The Apprentice Teacher program at Greenwood is a great way for new teachers to develop their skills and gain real-world experience. Today, we would like to highlight more of our incredible Apprentice Teachers: Nadia Munk, Sarah Ewen and Leah Bandler!
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  • Green Initiatives at Greenwood

    Greenwood’s Environmental Committee meets once a week to develop green initiatives that they hope will encourage the community to be more aware of their environmental impact.
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  • Raising Spirits at Greenwood

    Spirits were at an all-time high last week as the Greenwood community celebrated our annual Spirit Week in the school building! It was an exciting week, especially after many weeks of virtual activities.
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  • The Domino Effect

    Who would have thought the game dominoes would have such a big impact in the Greenwood community! From Spirit Week competitions to one student's love of dominoes, there’s no doubt that this game has played a unique role at Greenwood.
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  • Greenwood Music Volume 2 is Live!

    Back in December, our Greenwood Music Volume 1 album officially went live on Apple Music and Spotify. We are now excited to announce that Greenwood Music Volume 2 is here!
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  • Time4Change Campaign

    As a long-time supporter of Youth Without Shelter, Greenwood was more than happy to support the YWS Time4Change campaign this year. On February 26, Greenwood students gave a visual arts performance with the goal of spreading awareness about youth homelessness, breaking down negative stereotypes, and highlighting strengths and resilience of youth.
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  • February

    Black History Month Initiatives

    Greenwood’s Diversity Committee has put together a number of initiatives in honour of Black History Month.
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  • Connectival

    ALIVE Outdoors brought a day of smiles, fun and challenges to our 7s and 8s through their Connectival program on Tuesday, February 9
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  • Mental Health Awareness Week

    Written by India Morgan ‘21
    The theme of this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week was ‘Overcoming Barriers’. The Jack Chapter created initiatives that gave Greenwood students an opportunity to talk about their mental health, reduce stigma, and allow access to support if needed.
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  • Watch Our First Virtual Play Productions This Week!

    We are excited to host our first virtual productions this week! Our Grade 9 and 10 shows can be streamed live on February 18 and 19. The evening will begin with the Grade 9 play at 7:30 p.m. followed by the Grade 10 play after a brief intermission.
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  • You’re Invited! Watch Our Grade 9 and 10 Productions on February 18 and 19

    Join us on Thursday, February 18 or Friday, February 19 to watch our first-ever virtual play productions performed by our Grade 9 and 10 students.
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  • Careers Morning

    We welcomed 25 Greenwood alumni and parents who work in a variety of fields to talk to Grade 9-12 students about their professions during our annual Careers Morning on February 2.
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  • Recognizing Black History Month

    The Greenwood community recognized the start of Black History Month with a special presentation by the AGO’s Lauren Springs and Quentin VerCetty on Art and the African Diaspora.
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  • Scenes from a Quarantine

    Written by Sasha Carter '23
    Six Grade 10 students, under the wonderful direction of Ms. Vlahos, have scrambled to their feet to put together a virtual play that we never thought could be so relatable. 
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  • Understanding and Managing Screen Time

    Greenwood parents had the opportunity to attend a webinar held by Pine River Institute on how to understand and manage screen time as well as teach kids to be safe and responsible online.
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  • January

    A Different Way of Getting Our Theatre Fix!

    Written by Evan Edgell ‘24
    Typically, Greenwood would have a Grade 7-9 musical and a Grade 9-12 play but this year, we are doing an online play series. This means that every grade has their own play and teacher director.
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  • Celebrating the Arts with an Arts Afternoon

    Greenwood staff and students enjoyed a wonderful Arts Afternoon on Friday, January 8. Guest speaker Britta B. started the afternoon with powerful and inspiring poems and was followed by Arts sessions and the first Greenwood Mic of 2021.
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  • Teens and Coaching for Healthy Habits Online

    Over 45 parents enjoyed our Community Conversation session on Teens and Coaching for Healthy Habits Online on Wednesday, January 13.
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  • Virtual WinterGreen a Huge Success Thanks to Community Support

    The Roundtable’s WinterGreen Committee would like to extend a huge “thank you” and sense of gratitude to our Greenwood parents and alumni - WinterGreen 2020 was a huge success!
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  • Welcome to 2021!

    Students enjoyed fun activities during the first week back from the Winter Break. Special community-building initiatives were incorporated into their virtual learning schedule to help everyone reconnect with each other and start 2021 on a positive note.
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