Application Process

Greenwood College School is committed to delivering personalized learning in a co-ed environment.
The application process at Greenwood is about mutual discovery. Students should seek to discover whether Greenwood offers the programs and environment that are conducive to achieving their goals, while the school will look to discover whether the applicant will be a positive addition to the Greenwood community.

We do not require that students write the SSAT. We rely on a detailed application package (including teacher recommendation forms and school reports) and an interview with both the applicant and their parents/guardians.

The interview is a very important element of the evaluation process, both for the student and for the school. No two interviews are the same because the goal is to get to know the individual: their motivations and goals, values and attitudes, interests, hobbies and passions. No real preparation is necessary for the interview; applicants are simply required to be themselves.

Greenwood's assessment of student-applicants emphasizes character, personality, academic readiness and interest in personal growth. Among the questions we consider are the following:
  • Does the applicant have the academic ability to complete the requirements leading to the Ontario Secondary School Diploma?
  • Do the applicant and their family have values and experience or inclinations that are consistent with Greenwood's 'whole person' approach to education?
  • Is the applicant involved in the school life of their current school and in extra-curricular activities outside of school, and will they contribute in a positive way to the Greenwood community?
  • What is the character of the applicant? Is the applicant supportive of others? How has the applicant dealt with previous challenges and opportunities?
  • Is the applicant academically and otherwise engaged in life? Are they curious, interested in learning and excited about trying new experiences?

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  • Application Instructions

    Application Form (received no later than December 1, 2020)
    • Complete the application for admission. The application must be accompanied by:
      • recent photographs of the applicant (please choose photographs in which student can be clearly identified);
      • a copy of the applicant’s birth certificate or passport;
      • final (June) report cards for the past two school years; and
      • the most recent school report. (Please forward all current report cards when available).
    • Complete the parent supplement.
    • Complete the student supplement.
    • If the student has been identified as having an exceptionality relevant to the student's learning (e.g., giftedness, learning difference, ADHD) and/or the student has been the subject of a psychological/educational assessment(s) or has an Individualized Education Plan (IEP), please include a copy of the most recent identification document including assessment and IEP. If the identification document is more than three years old, please consider having a new identification completed to include in the application or for delivery to Admissions prior to or in February 2021.
    • All applications must be accompanied by an application fee ($125 on or before November 2, 2020, $250 after that date).
    Recommendation Forms
    • Two teacher recommendation forms are required. Click here to download form.
    • Teacher-referees must have taught the applicant in the past two years.
    • One recommendation should come from a teacher who taught the student in the prior academic year and should be received by the school on or before the date when the application is submitted.
    • The second recommendation should come from a-current year teacher and should be received by Greenwood by no later than mid-January 2021.
    • Teacher recommendation forms should be returned directly to Greenwood by the teachers via email to
    • Any other recommendations you believe might assist the Admissions Committee can also be forwarded directly to Greenwood.
    Virtual Tours and Q&As
    • A Virtual Tour is available on our website and virtual Q&A sessions are conducted several times each week. Click here or contact Admissions at 416 545 5127 to learn more.
    Character Skills Snapshot (to be taken as soon as possible after applying)
    • Visit to learn how your child can complete the Character Skills Snapshot (CSS) administered by the Enrollment Management Association. Please be sure to select Greenwood as a school that should receive the results of your child’s CSS. Please note that an admissions interview may not be booked until Greenwood has received the school report of the student's CSS.
  • The Interview

    • Upon receipt of your completed application, the Admissions Office will contact you via email, in most cases within three business days. An application is not considered complete until we have received the following:
      • The report from the applicant's Character Skills Snapshot
      • At least one teacher recommendation
    • Interviews are intended to allow parents/guardians and students to learn more about Greenwood and for the Admissions Team to get to know you.
    • We encourage both parents/guardians to attend the interview.
    • A member of Greenwood’s Admissions Team will meet individually with the students and the parents/guardians, and with the student and parents/guardians together.
    • If the student wishes, they may bring an item of personal significance to assist in the discussion at the interview.
    • The student will be required to complete brief oral and written assessments during the interview; no related preparation is necessary.
    • Interviews for admission in September 2021 will be conducted between October 2020 and early February 2021.
  • The Decision Process

    • The Admissions Committee reviews all applications immediately following the interview and determines if there is a need for further information or documentation.
    • The Admissions Committee will make final decisions in February. Families will be informed at that time whether the student-applicant has been accepted, wait-listed or declined.
      • If the applicant is accepted, the family will have five days to accept the offer.
      • If the applicant is wait-listed, the family will be notified only if a space becomes available.
      • If the applicant is declined, no further review will take place.
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